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Wine Relais in Sicily

Wine Relais in Sicily

Surrounded by the beauty of the Hyblaean countryside, with an extension of 30 hectares of vineyards and a yield of 40-80 quintals per hectare, our winery produces 120-130 thousand bottles of Nero d'Avola and Moscato di Noto.
Our philosophy follows the principles of biodynamic agriculture helping the vines to find a balance between harmony and nature.

Our wines cellar, among with the Organic Farm, makes Torre Marabino the perfect place for farm and wine holiday hotel in Sicily.


We also organize guided tours to the cellar with wines tasting.

Here's what we produce:

Rosso di Contrada Parrino
Rosso di Contrada Lenza Lunga
Rosso di Contrada Conca
Rosso di Contrada Coniglio
Moscato della Torre
Rosso di Contrada Don Pasquale
Rosso di Contrada Don Paolo
Rosso di Contrada
Rosa Nera