South east of Sicily is characterized by the presence of numerous cities built in Baroque style that in 2002 obtained the UNESCO recognition of World Heritage. This territory called "Val di Noto" or "Vallo di Noto", once an administrative district that dealt with justice, treasury and the militia of the Kingdom of Sicily, takes its name from the city of Noto, in the province of Syracuse, from which very probably there was the seat of the governor of the Vallo.


val di noto

In 1693 a terrible earthquake reduced much of the territory of the Vallo to rubble and therefore all the urban memory of this area. The subsequent reconstruction of the cities that suffered the earthquake had a system of architectural and artistic construction designed as a work of art: the "late-baroque" became a distinctive symbol of this vast area, one of the highest expressions in the world of Late European Baroque.

The cities included in the Val di Noto are: Caltagirone, Catania, Militello in Val di Catania, Modica, Noto, Palazzolo Acreide, Ragusa and Scicli. The recognition of the UNESCO World Heritage list is causing a very positive economic impact in this area, in the face of a sharp increase in tourist presences. Ideally joining all the cities that are part of the Val di Noto, a perimeter is created that traces the boundaries of one of the most fascinating and tasty areas of south-eastern Sicily.


Cava Ispica, among the most important archaeological quarries, has been inhabited since the Bronze Age up to the 60s of the last century. Here there are necropolis, rock churches and buildings dug into the rock. The coast is characterized by long sandy beaches that are very reminiscent of neighboring Africa, the dunes and rocky promontories that make the landscape spectacular. The Ibleo landscape is characterized by vast fields bordered by the typical dry stone walls, whose art has recently become a world heritage site, from the Mediterranean scrub and the large cultivations of olive trees, almonds and vegetables, often grown in greenhouses. The great canyons, which here take the name of Cave, make the landscape unique.

muretto a secco
scacce ragusane

From citrus scents of Sicily, almond, honey, fresh fish, meat typical of places, truffles, black wines, flavored and sweet, Modican chocolate IGP, mpanatigghie, all'arancina, pasta biscuits almond, cannoli, caciocavallo ragusano DOP, cassata, numerous, varied and all to taste are the delicacies that characterize the culinary art of the towns belonging to the Val di Noto. At our restaurant "La Moresca" you can try all the typical products that our land offers.

At our restaurant "La Moresca" you can try all the typical products that our land offers.


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